Deep breathing and mindfulness for teams

Dreamfully is a science-backed, visually immersive wellness tool that helps teams take deep breaths and support their organizational wellbeing.

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Our Mission

To increase the world's happiness by planting the seed of mindfulness in communities around the world.

Why it matters

Mental and emotional wellbeing are fundamental to an organization’s success. But making a positive difference is difficult. 

Poor Retention

Wellness solutions have notoriously low retention, highlighting the need for solutions to be as engaging as they are effective.

Stress & Anxiety

People are more stressed, anxious, and mentally unwell than ever before, with jobs representing the leading cause of stress in America

Outsize Cost

Job stress costs U.S. companies $300b+ a year in health costs, absenteeism, low productivity, and more.


Visually Immersive

Beautiful visually-driven breathing and mindfulness exercises. We make deep breathing as easy as scrolling TikTok, in a personal solution that doesn’t feel like a “wellness tool”.

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Curated Programs

Follow customized programs that deepen the positive impact of using Dreamfully. Based on your schedule, we notify you throughout the day to take a few minutes to intentionally reset and find balance. 

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Emotion Mapping

Find strength from where you already are. Tell us how you feel, and our solution will recommend the appropriate exercise in response. Along the way, you’ll deepen your EQ and personal awareness. 

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Empowering Teams to Thrive

Dreamfully’s breathing and mindfulness solution helps your employees fight stress, manage emotions, and build focus. As an organization, these benefits compound to help with:

Team Building

One of the major benefits of practicing mindfulness involves growing one’s sense of empathy. This means that mindfulness helps us understand one another, see one another, and respect one another. Practicing Dreamfully helps teams connect, synchronize, and collaborate more meaningfully.
Lui, 2020, The Influence of Individual and Team Mindfulness on Work Engagement

Increase Productivity

By reducing stress and anxiety, practicing mindfulness allows one to fully immerse themselves in a state of energized focus, total involvement, and enjoyment. This leads to better quality work, performed at a faster pace, executed with intention and clarity.
Lui et al, 2020, The Influence of Individual and Team Mindfulness on Work Engagement

Decrease Cost

When we are stressed, we make more mistakes, are more physically vulnerable to illness and disease, and are at a greater risk of absenteeism and turnover-- this costs American enterprises more than $300b each year. Improvements in employee wellbeing lessen the likelihood that these costly variables will negatively impact your workplace.
Jones et al, 2019, What do Workplace Wellness Programs do?

The Data

By the numbers

Dreamfully has proven effective and our users love the experience.


Users reported greater relaxation after using Dreamfully


Users turned on notifications to remind themselves to use Dreamfully


Users stay engaged throughout Dreamfully sessions


Users recommend Dreamfully to their loved ones

The Science

Every feature within Dreamfully is designed by leading mental health and mindfulness experts. All research-backed and impact-driven.

Immersive Visuals

Mindfulness is intrinsically integrated into each Dreamfully session by curating an experience that gently activates a user’s senses through beautiful imagery and guided somatic breathing techniques.

Healing Breathwork

In each Dream session, users are led through exercises with a carefully-designed, intentional tempo of inhalations, pauses, and exhalations designed to elicit a desirable physiological response and improved emotional experience.

Affirming Language

Dreamfully incorporates affirmations as optional audio features as well as in the concluding message of each Dream session. This is used to strengthen the user’s brain pathways that will retain the enhanced sense of self.

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