November 15, 2021

Understanding Dreamfully as an Organizational Wellness Solution

Understand from a high level how Dreamfully was developed to help modern teams stay calm, emotionally connected, and thrive

Companies now more than ever are looking for a wellness solution that  both works for their employees and radically improves the company bottom line. Specifically, there is a need for an intervention that will improve company  productivity, reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs, in addition to increasing employee retention. On the employee side, there is a need for programs that improve health behaviors and reduce relevant health risks. 

Dreamfully is not only a powerful wellness tool, it is a comprehensive & holistic program that offers all of the necessary elements for employee and company success. There are 5 key elements to the Dreamfully program:


One of the biggest blocks many have to change is knowing they have a problem, but no knowledge of how to solve it. The Dreamfully Wellness Program provides employees weekly  bite-size education modules that introduce the core concepts of mindfulness and how to practice both within the Dreamfully App and in their daily lives. 

Each time employees use the app, they will be asked to identify how they are feeling. Through ongoing use of Dreamfully, they will build the invaluable skill of self-awareness. This, coupled with the knowledge employees will gain in our education modules, successful and sustainable behavior change becomes a reality.


In addition to education, one of the most critical components to successful behavior change is having the tools that support a new behavior. The Dreamfully App is a powerful wellness tool that offers both immersive learning and a truly healing experience.  In it, employees will encounter soothing visuals, guided breathing sessions, customization options to meet their emotional needs, healing audio frequencies, and therapeutic messaging. 

Employees will also have the opportunity to learn specific breathing techniques for the following:

Social Support

One of the essential elements of a successful wellness solution is offering social support that inspires motivation. We do our best to work with each company to ensure that they can incentivize wellness practices. In most cases, employees will offer an incentive based on app usage that can then be used toward company perks or monetary awards.

We are also  currently building the tools to foster even more social support.  Whether at the beginning of the workday or at the start of a company meeting, employees will have the opportunity to join a live session and experience breathing in unison to the guidance of the Dreamfully app. In this way, companies are able to develop a deeper sense of community, and develop performance skills in the areas of focus, creativity and productivity. 


Every four weeks of the Dreamfully Wellness Program, employers will receive a high-level analysis of employee needs based on self-disclosed emotional reporting and app usage. Our health and wellness experts will recommend behavior modifications that allow employees to collectively shift their health habits in a powerful direction . 

Action areas covered by our experts include:

In our modern world, workspaces have the power to be the solution for chronic disease prevention in the United States. Dreamfully is the vehicle to making your organization a part of what changes the state of our health for the better. In the immediate, it will transform the way your employees show up  to work each day and what they produce on your company’s behalf.